1. How to make an order on site?

To make an order on the site, first of all, you need to select a product from the selected category. After the selection of your purchase, the product has to be added to your cart. After clicking, a few more steps are required:

  •          Check the cost of the purchase you selected;
  •          Make sure that the selected product is the right product;
  •          Complete  the registration  (or leave your contact info)

Registration on the site is not required. But without customer contact info, you, as a customer, will not be able to complete the purchase.

In general the process of registration only takes a few minutes, after which things become as you only have to log in by using log in and password you entered.

Registration form has fields with a sign of necessary registration, marked by a * symbol. These fields must be filled in order to proceed.

When your registration is complete, you can confirm your order and complete the purchase with a type of payment that is most comfortable for you to use.


2. Do you accept  on line purchases?

No, all orders are done only on website. If you are having troubles with making a purchase via the registration form, you can provide your e-mail address for feedback. All orders are accepted only on this site. But it is important for the customer to carefully read, understand and agree to the rules of the online store. We can consult the customer via email and answer all the questions concerning the customer’s order from the online site or about the site’s operation. But obtaining the order cannot be done by paying through email. If the information is not sufficient, the customer can also contact us about the payment and delivery.


3. Is it safe to order through the online site?

The real site is developed using the latest technologies in safety of information data.

Due to this, all the information on the site used is completely safe. Thanks to innovative way of encrypting, all customers’ info will be under safe guard. By this formalization and order of your purchases, this way is the safes, easiest and simplest for customers who do not wish to deal with third-party.

4. Can my personal data be stolen?

It is impossible.  The site administration did everything possible to ensure the safety of all the customer information that is provided by the customer our database. Security specialists have created all the necessary conditions for maximum safe work of the site. Proving information about your contact, you can be sure of its safe keeping, and integrity. But it is important to remember that the site administration is not responsible for any false information or user data. The site is still, however, doing everything possible to ensure safety of any data received.

 5. Is there any delivery to USA?

We don't deliver to USA!

 6. Is there a minimal purchase amount of order?

The minimal purchase amount does not exist.

 7. What email I can use for delivery?

You can use absolutely any email for your purchase order. Still remember that the order must belong only to you as a customer. If you’d like, you can change the email address to another-following the correct order, during the process of delivery. You should inform the manager about you wish and follow the instructions.


8. What is the meaning of “order status”?

The order status indicates its current condition. Service status of the order is needed in the case, if the customer needs to check the location of the order at the current moment. This will include, approximate time needed for delivery, as well as the purchased order location. Please remember that it is necessary to complete registration to receive information about the status of your order. Users who do not leave their contact information when ordering will not be able to use the current function of the site. Due to this we recommend to complete the full registration process.


9.How long does the order process  take (from ordering to receiving)?

The process of customer order takes just a couple of minutes. As soon as the customer left the request on the site, a customer can wait for contact from the manager. We start to package the order, and shipping in shortest terms. The shipment of package order is takes 1-2 days. If a delay might come up, the delivery time can be 3 days. Delivery time depends directly on the transport company that the customer chooses personally and independently. From that point of action the customer can track the approximant time of delivery with the help of the order status tracking or use the shipping company’s track system service.  In general shipment delivery takes 3-10 days across Europe.



10. What payment options are available at online store?

To make an order through online store, it is needed to make a payment of the order.

  •          Bitcoin (BTC) – by means of crypto currency.
  •          Western Union - international transfer.
  •          Moneygram - international transfer.

Other types of payment are not accepted.


11. How much time does it take for payment checking?

The payment cheking process is done right away. But sometimes it can take a certain bit of time due to checking control, which can be 2 business bank days long.


12 .How can I confirm my payment?

Payment confirmation requires the client's information to be sent to section of payment addition. Without this information we cannot realize the production.  Confirmation can also be done in a different way - organized in individual order. If you cannot send the payment by check or there is other reason why you cannot confirm your payment, just let us know about this. After receiving payment we will send the product by specified coordinates of requisition in operational order.

13. I will make the order. But I forgot to send information in the added section. Will the money be sent for the order?

To be sure in receiving the order, the customer must send info about payment. If for some reason the customer forgot to send to us confirmation of payment - this is not a problem. Time of payment and how it was made, is sufficient, as well as confirmation of payment documents. A customer can always contact the online store manager in case of having problems understanding where to send confirmation of payment.

 14. If customer order is cancelled will the payment be returned to customers?

         Situations can occur when our company will not return payment.

  •          When payment was made for customer order but the client decided not to pick up order package.
  •          If the order was not retrieved by the fault of the client.
  •          If the client received the package ordered through online store, but rejects the package upon receival.

 In cases when the clients order was confiscated or lost, our online store will be responsible to resend the clients ordered purchase free, only once. In case of damage received by order package because of company’s fault, the online store will reimburse in full that same product by RESENDING product again.


15. What should I do if Western Union  and Moneygram blocked my payment?

The client can take back the payment that was blocked by money transfer service used, and contact online store for advice.

IMPORTANT! Using Western Union and Moneygram, and other similar transfer service of payment, the client must use his REAL NAME and I.D, in order to be certain about being able to retrieve payment, if something does not go through. Worst case scenario – the online store DOES NOT CARRY ANY RESPONSIBILITY  FOR THE LOSS OF PAYMENT MADE BY CLIENTS.


16. How can I change method of payment?

The method of payment change is only possible in case when payment is not made. There are moments and situations when client wishes to pay with different options at same time-THIS IS NOT POSIBLE with our online store .To change method of payment, customer must provide request notice to online store manager. It is also possible to fill in a form on the online store site, at the personal use section. To receive instructions please contact a specialist at your mostly convenient time with request to change method of payment.


17. Why is it important to have confirmation of payment?

Confirmation of payment, acts as ONLY guarantee that customer made payment for the purchased order. In other case our company does not send the ordered product and will have the right to cancel the package. Please, be attentive - without confirmation of payment, in proper sequence, the client will not be able to receive product. Confirmation of payment for the online store guarantees that client is serious and ready to receive  product.


18. Is it possible to use cryptocurrency as payment?

When choosing payment the client does have an option of using cryptocurrency.  To use this option, it is needed to select this payment option. If customer chose different pay method it will need to be changed to cryptocurrency. Only then can the customer make payment using cryptocurrency.


19. What to do if cryptocurrency payment did not go through?

If problems occur making payment with cryptocurrency  ­ first of all, the client must contact the department  of assistance of the aggregator.  Sometimes it takes some time for the payment to go through.  We recommend waiting at first. In case if a problem still remains  or there are different reasons  - contact us. We can help find a solution solve the situation, as well as inform how to correctly contact representatives of payment aggregator service.




20. How soon will the purchase order be sent?

The customer purchased order will be packaged after confirmation of payment. Right away, after as the order is made at online store, it is necessary to make the payment. Then it is important to send conformation of payment in the right form. Upon receiving conformation of payment by our managers, we are able to prepare the package order to be sent. During one business  day ( max of-48hrs) specialists  will send the package to the destination address.  With the exclusion of unforeseen circumstances .

 21. How long does delivery time take?

The delivery of any product from our online store to E.U. countries  takes from 3 to 10 business  days. Be attentive: these time guidelines are approximate. There are many factors at play that can affect  time of delivery, such as weather conditions, duration  of border customs control, unforeseen  events, etc. It is important to note that 95% of times the order is delivered without any time delay  problems  mentioned above.


22. How much is the cost of delivery?

Delivery cost is 20 EURO for European  countries.


23.When can the customer receive the declaration  number for tracking?

Customer can receive the declaration tracking  number after 2 to 3 days after the package  is send. For this purpose the customer can send a request personally to the customer service of our online store, or wait until the specialist will send the declaration package number.


24. If customer package  is damaged, sized or readdressed, what should customer do?

Customer should not worry about any problems with customer order. If a problem arises on behalf of the store or the transport service company that we are in service with, the package  will be resent. That applies as well if the customer package was seized for any reason, or damaged, or send to different  address- the customer will be informed with personal message. We direct the attention of the customer to inform that all packages are tracked by the company and due to this product orders will be resent if necessary. The customer must also provide notice of evidence.  If the specialists of online store  will decide that evidence  of undelivered package order is not sufficient,  or that the client is falsely  claiming or deceiving the store, the order will be cancelled and no refunds will be sent to client. Situations can happen when due to delays the package did make it to destination address, but the customer did not receive the package. In this case we ask the customer to provide a proof by video or photo and send it to us.

 25. Customer noticed damage/defects/inconsistency with product, upon receiving  the package shipment. What to do in this case?

Receiving  the package.  Customer must film the process of unpacking in case if any problems or dispute arise over the package order itself. Without this the company will not be responsible  of any complaints  from clients. (Missing product from package or damage OF, and so on...)

The video must contain clear view the face side of the package, clients name, and address of client.

If client has appropriate evidence, the online store will send the damaged  package  back for free.

In case of fraud or other  situations  that customer is trying to fake, the company retains the rights to cancel and cease cooperating, stop all services  of client, as well as retaining  payment.


26. If client made mistake with provided address for delivery. Will client  still receive  package?

PEASE! DOUBLE  CHECK ADRESS FOR DELIVERY that you will provide to online store for  package delivery. The company is not responsible for any  wrong address  for delivery that  client provided.  We can assure the client  that all proper information according destination address will be correctly received by mail service  delivery.


 27. Why is the tracking number of package delivery not working?

Client’s tracking number of package is actually tracked. This can be checked  on . Depending on the region in which customer is located or the place of mail service delivery, there can be delays in updating or providing online information tracking of customer package. If customer does not receive  package in 3 to 10 business  days of delivery, the online store recommends to follow up with the use of tracking number, so that  customer can make personal  inquiry to the local customers mail office and receive  information  about package.


28.Can the customer receive reimbursement of order made?

No. Customer cannot get reimbursement  of ordered package. By policy of online store, even in cases of product  inconsistency with client's online order, the store does not accept the product back, and will resend new package  to clientele. If the customer receives an incorrect order by store fault  --the cost for the product is equal  to ZERO. Our company  will send NEW package (once only) with the right customer order in package,  and the first package will stay with customer.



Did customer not find answers  to their questions ? NOT A PROBLEM!